Book Excerpt Spring Blessings Tour


About the Book

BookCoverImageTitle: Spring Blessings

Author: S.C. Houff

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Asher Stone didn’t want to be a hero. After spending two years recovering from an isolating drug habit, his life was getting on track. He had a girlfriend who he loved very much. He was holding down a job and had a repaired relationship with his mother. One day, Asher was attacked by a manticore that escaped the clutches an order of magi and his world gets turned upside down. Now, Asher is dealing with old temptations and new problems and a destiny that he has to embrace or the fate of the world will crash down on him. The only thing Asher can hope is that Blessings and Hope do spring eternal in this first book in a series.

Author Bio

             315439_10100462943504723_608551138_n   S.C. Houff was born in the backwoods of Southwestern Virginia to a small town lawyer and a recovering radical.  She has been a telemarketer, a part-time educator and occasional bodyguard but now is working on writing.  She has started working on her very first novel which is fun for everyone.  When she is not writing she’s perusing her other love which is history.  She also is an avid fan all things nerdy and fun.

                While she’s not received any accolades for her writing, S.C. Houff is a two time Geography B champion.


Book Excerpt

“Thank you, thank you. Now for my next trick I…” Iggy suddenly got quiet. His ink spot eyes searched the crowd of generic faces excitedly. His eyes grew wider as an all too familar smell hit his nose. His smile grew more manic as recognition set in.

“Show’s over. Go home. Asher! Asher! Asher! Asher!”

There was a blur of pink and punk. Then, there was a fleshy thud. The next thing Asher knew, he found himself on the hard asphalt. His eyes stared up at the cold spring sky. Asher let out a grunt as he suppressed a pain riddled grimace. Iggy layed on top of Asher as he clung to

Asher’s fractured frame. Asher sighed as Iggy buried his face into Asher’s chest. He purred happily.

“I missed you!” Iggy squealed happily. “I knew that you’d come back to me.”

“Hey, Iggy.” Said Asher with strained breathlessness. “Mind getting off my chest?”

Iggy looked down as his face fell following his eyes. Begrudgingly, he pulled himself off Asher as he stood up. After several minutes of struggle, Asher weakly got to his feet. He cringed as his weight settled in his shoes. Things inside him didn’t feel right. He wondered if it could be possible that Iggy had broken a fourth rib. Iggy looked at him brightly. Mischief danced in his eyes as he inspected him.

“Man, Asher,” Said Iggy. “you look like you’ve been ,mauled by a manticore.”

“What?” Asher felt a burning sensation in the center of his left temple. He’d felt this scarring pain before this moment. It was a side effect knowing Iggy. Iggy’s weird tangents made Asher’s head hurt.

“It’s something my grandmother used to say to me.” Explained Iggy. “She’d say ‘Shit, son. You look like you’ve been mauled by a manticore’.”

“Your grandmother said a lot of weird things.” Said Asher.

“Well, she did take a lot of drugs.” Conceded Iggy. He smiled excitedly at Asher again. He threw his arms around Asher’s neck pulling him into a tight hug. “I’ve never been so happy. Asher, I love you!”

Asher coughed nervously at Iggy’s words. People walked past them in painful slow motion. It was true. In his own way, Iggy had always loved Asher. He also had no qualms of showing it in the most physical way possible, regardless of the setting. In spite of being used to this, Asher was still very uncomfortable with the public display. A feeling that grew as he felt judgmental eyes penetrate their embrace. Asher patted Iggy’s back with a complicated sigh.


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