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Book Excerpt

“Go to apartment B. See what you can find out. If questioned, keep to our story. When you’re done, go to the car and wait for thirty minutes. If I’m not back by then, head to the rectory, and I’ll meet you there.”

“Understood.” Carrying his crucifix like it was a battle axe, he strode off toward the lights, the crowd, and the police.

I moved away using a side street. The police lights would destroy my night vision, and I needed to be able to see, especially in the shadows.

The neighborhood was typical middle class—small houses on small lots, a nice place to raise a family and grow old. There were few people out. Those who just had to get a look would be at the scene, but the smarter neighbors were already in bed.

I wanted to draw my weapon, but it was too public. Instead, I opened my jacket halfway so I could get to my Glock in a hurry. I walked the block around Penny’s apartment, but found nothing. I had to get closer to see if any minions were about.

Penny’s apartment was a squat two-story building with three police cars parked out front, and an officer keeping people behind crime scene tape. Further down the street, past Penny’s building, a Muscle stood off by himself, his face indistinct, like all his kind, even in the glare of the bright lights. He could’ve been in sentry mode, waiting to follow and report to his mistress, but it was doubtful—too many instructions tended to confuse Muscle. I slunk away, returning the way I’d come.

A few houses later, I cut through a yard and circled behind the Muscle, whose silhouette was clearly visible in the police car’s flashing lights. I did a quick check to make sure there were no witnesses. Drawing my pistol, I slid into position.

About The Book

coverjuniorinquisitorTitle: Junior Inquisitor

Author: Lincoln Farish

Genre: Dark Urban Fiction / Horror

Brother Sebastian is halfway up a mountain in Vermont, hell-bent on interrogating an old woman in ashack, when he gets the order to abandon his quest for personal vengeance. He has to find a missing Inquisitor, or, more likely, his remains. He’s reluctant, to say the least. Not only will he have to stop chasing the best potential lead he’s had in years, this job—his first solo mission—will mean setting foot in the grubby black hole of Providence, Rhode Island. And, somehow, it only gets worse…

If he’d known he would end up ass deep in witches, werewolves, and ogres, and that this mission would jeopardize not only his sanity but also his immortal soul, he never would’ve answered the damn phone.

Author Bio

Called an adventurer and quite possibly insane, Lincoln has traveled to many continents and countries on his own and at his country’s behest to determine from whence the darkness comes. Despite persistent rumors, Lincoln maintains that he had nothing to do with the tiger, was not involved in illicit wiener dog races, and has never used his knowledge of genetics to create a better life form.


Twitter: @LincolnFarish



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