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Author Committing Plagiarism

Author Shey Stahl was accused of plagiarism. She apparently lifted whole sections of her book from Twilight fan fiction.

Read the full thread here:

Plagiarism is never all right, and in this digital age, people are sure to find out.


Rape Threats on Goodreads

A debut author allegedly was bullied on Goodreads. You can read the full article here. The accusations started with a negative review the author apparently commented on, and things went downhill from there.

Authors shouldn’t comment on negative reviews, or harrass reviewers, but that counts the other way as well. Reviewers shouldn’t threaten authors either.

Bullying needs to stop before it goes too far. In real life, people get bullied every day, and that’s horrible. To start bullying in online reading communities as well would be unfathomable.

We need to stop bullying and stand up for those being bullied. Threatening people in this way is wrong.

Scandal in the book community: plagiarism and fake accounts?

Cuddlebuggery posted about a scandal in the book community. An author apparently plagiarized Harry Potter, and then made some fake accounts to recommend her book to other reviewers.

All sounds very shady to me. Apparently the book in question is Adela Arthur and The Creator’s Clock, about a young girl named Adela Arthur who gets transported to a magical dimension where she learns to use magic, fights a wizard whose name cannot be spoken, is some sort of “chosen one”, etc. There are more similarities.

This isn’t exactly “plagiarism” (which would be a word for word copy of parts of the text) but it gets close. At least it goes beyond simply stealing an idea.

For the full story, check out Cuddlebuggery’s blog post.

Why authors shouldn’t respond to reviews

It’s been said time and time again, not just by reviewers, but also by authors themselves: authors should not respond to reviews.

A simple “thank you” is all right, but once an author starts responding to bad reviews, then it’s no longer fun and games.

A recent example of “bad author behavior” can be found here, on a review of “Burnt Norton”, the latest novel of author Caroline Sandon.