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Book Tours: Promo Post for The Shadow of the Unicorn II: The Deception


About the Book

deceptionTitle: The Shadow of the Unicorn II: The Deception

Author: Suzanne de Montigny

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy / Tween Fantasy

Ulysees’ breath was ragged, and his heart filled with terror when they galloped toward the herd pursued by an enraged Icarus.

How did the Legacy of Azaria transform into the world fear it has, the unicorns barely existing hidden in the depths of the forest? Why is Icharus, the Great Stallion, so cruel and ruthless? And who is Jaresh, the invisible being who takes away their powers? Angry, the young colt Ulysees and his friend Téo rebel, following an abandoned trail where they’re discovered by humans. Now the entire herd must make an exodus. But Ulysees discovers there’s more danger then just humans when he meets a giant creature who warns them of impending doom…

Author Bio

SONY DSCAward winning author, Suzanne de Montigny, wrote her first novella when she was twelve. Years later, she discovered it in an old box in the basement, thus reigniting her love affair with writing. A teacher for twenty years, she enjoys creating fantasy and paranormal for tweens and teens. She lives in Burnaby, B.C., Canada with the four loves of her life – her husband, two boys, and Buddy the dog.

Five Fun Facts About Suzanne de Montigny

  1. I talk to my bichon frisé like he’s a normal human being. And yes, Buddy does answer back. (Funny how my mouth moves while he talks!)
  2. When my son took up skate boarding, I thought I’d be the cool mom and learn it too. Unfortunately, I ended up on my back and paying a visit to emergency.
  3. My two boys and I fiddle. (But they’re way better than me!)
  4. My favourite season is autumn so I can kick the leaves when no one’s looking.
  5. My husband says I snore so loud it wakes him up.

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Book Excerpt From Frights to Flaws


About the Book

FromFrightsToFlaws_Sunayna PrasadTitle: From Frights to Flaws

Author: Sunayna Prasad

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

    Twelve-year-old Alyssa McCarthy is sick of her uncle’s unfair rules and longs for a better life. After discovering the existence of magic, she finds out about a dark wizard hunting her down. An unforgettable storm occurs in Alyssa’s ordinary New Jersey town before the sorcerer kidnaps her to the Fiji Islands.

On the enchanted island of Yanowic, Alyssa learns that she is unable to get out of the country due to a giant shield. She must defeat some dangerous creatures and the evil wizard in order to leave. But with sorcerers and magical technology getting in her way, can Alyssa succeed?

Author Bio

Sunayna Prasad has been writing stories for several years, starting at the age of six. Now twenty-one, she is a college student will study who studies art and design as well write for children. Aside from that, Sunayna also likes to cook, watch movies, and draw. She lives on Long Island, New York, with her family.




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Book Tours: Book Excerpt from Snake in the Grass


Book Excerpt

We left at dawn. The morning air was thick and damp, promising an unpleasant day once the sun rose completely. Once again, the only sound in the muggy silence was the dull clop of hooves on the road.

As we had the previous night, we rode with our weapons out. This time, I left my sword sheathed and held my bow and an arrow balanced across my lap, my other hand holding the reins. “So how lucky do you think we’re going to be?” I kept my gaze focused on the roadside, looking for any sign of a disturbance.

Roger’s shoulders jerked in what might have been a shrug. “To be honest, I haven’t felt lucky in a long time,” he said. He also scanned the woods, sword across his lap.

“Not even when I saved you from the noose the last time I was here?”

He cracked a brief smile. “Okay, maybe that one time. But you must admit, Lyla. You don’t tend to turn up when things are going well.”

“Well, aren’t I special,” I said, gritting my teeth. Unfortunately, he was right. I did seem to have a habit of getting sucked into Mallory just when things were falling apart.

We rode in silence for a while. As the temperature went up, insects began to buzz in the trees. I heard the odd bird call, but there was no sight of any other animals. “Did we scare everything off?”

Roger took a gulp from his water skin and wiped his mouth. “I doubt it,” he said, passing me the skin. “It’s too hot. Animals were probably out early, before the sun came up, and will be in deep shade until this evening when it cools off again.”

I took a drink. I’d been on enough long hikes to know that drinking water was important when it was hot. “Well, it makes things a little freaky,” I said. “We haven’t even seen a rabbit.” I pointed to a spot ahead. “Hey, does that look like trampled grass to you?”

“Perhaps.” Roger dismounted and examined the ground. “Something rode through here. Several somethings, actually. These impressions look like they’ve been left by hooves that were shod, not wild animals.”

About The Book

snakeTitle: Snake in the Grass: Hero’s Sword Vol. 4

Author: M.E. Sutton

Genre: Middle Grade, Adventure, Fantasy

Things are getting interesting at Tanner Middle School. The only official candidate for student council president is Jaycee’s nemesis, Trina Poppelman. Plus there’s a new girl in school. At first glance, she looks like she’d fit right in with the cheerleaders, but Jaycee senses something different about her.

Things are getting interesting in Mallory, too. Lady Starla is expecting an Imperial envoy to discuss new taxes. She plans to oppose the measure and asks Lyla to stand by her side in a show of support. However, when the envoy goes missing, the situation becomes a lot more serious than a proposed tax increase.

In this fourth installment of the Hero’s Sword series, Lyla and Roger hit the road to find a missing envoy before Starla pays the ultimate price for his disappearance. Along the way, Jaycee learns that winning isn’t always the end-game result.

Author Bio

redMary Sutton has been making up stories, and creating her own endings for other people’s stories, for as long as she can remember. After ten years, she decided that making things up was far more satisfying than writing software manuals, and took the jump into fiction.

She writes the HERO’S SWORD middle-grade fantasy series as M.E. Sutton and finds a lot of inspiration in the lives of her own kids. A lifelong mystery fan, she also writes crime fiction, including THE LAUREL HIGHLANDS MYSTERIES, under the pen name Liz Milliron. Her short fiction has been published at Uppagus.com, Mystericale.com (Fall 2013), and in LUCKY CHARMS: 12 CRIME TALES (December 2013).





Book Excerpt The Taming


The Book Gazette is hosting an excerpt from middle grade book “The Taming” by Atticus Krum. Enjoy the excerpt.

Book Excerpt

A loud bloodcurdling scream resonated throughout the entire swamp. The sound made the rodents’ hearts skip a beat, for they immediately recognized the frightened voice. And just like that, the long and dangerous journey appeared to have been all for nothing.

About The Book

tamingcoverJPGLargeTitle: The Taming

Author: Atticus Krum

Genre: Middle Grade

A forbidden journey. A secret agenda. A mysterious object.

When Thutter McClutter, a young Glade-dwelling shrew, willingly decides to break the ancient Code and cross into the shadowy darkness of the great Woode, he is certain that seeing the mysterious Solkreat is the goal. But as he and his friends near the curious Creature, an altogether different agenda is exposed. One of his fellow adventurers wants the magic hogseye. However, the powerful and wicked Beastmonger also covets the enchanted object, and he will stop at nothing to get it—not even murder.

A story of true friendship, lasting faith, and willing sacrifice, The Taming is the first installment of the Refuge Chronicles—an adventurous trilogy about a young shrew, his newly-discovered purpose, and the ancient conflict between Light and Darkness.

Author Bio

Krum2Atticus  never intended on becoming a writer; however, he eventually would come to realize that Magic’s stories were meant to be shared. He now spends most of his time putting pen to paper readying the tales he’s collected for publishing. Mr. Krum resides on a small farm in the Midwest with Albi, his albino ferret. He travels only when absolutely necessary. He does not care to be photographed and almost never smiles. What’s more, he dresses almost exclusively in black. He says that the latter is for simplicity sake, but those who know him are certain that he is just color blind. To learn more about Atticus, please visit his website: www.atticuskrum.com.


Publisher:   www.huntlyhouse.com

Author Website:   www.atticuskrum.com

Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgqmQ1PIrXdgNMyYSWGq6FQ

Buy the book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Taming-Atticus-Krum/dp/0988534916

Book Excerpt from Matt Monroe and The Secret Society


The Book Gazette is hosting an excerpt from MG fantasy novel “Matt Monroe and The Secret Society”. We hope you enjoy the excerpt!

Book Excerpt

The clouds parted, and the moon shone through again, making it easier to find the rest of their clothes. As Matt zipped up his shorts, something exploded near the pavilion.

            “Shake a leg, girls,” Chad yelled.

            Matt groaned. “What a clown.”

            Zach snickered and nodded. “But you have to admit—he’s loads of fun.”

            “He’s cool one minute, and an idiot the next. Right now, he’s an idiot.”

            Zach placed his baseball cap firmly on his head. “That’s Chad.”

            What was that?

            Something moved near the pond, maybe a hundred feet from them. As they watched, it stopped and stood motionless, as if trying to blend into the background. The intruder was husky and humanoid in appearance. It had two long arms and legs, and its body was covered in shaggy hair.

            Zach whispered, “Do you see it?”

            “Don’t move. Maybe it doesn’t see us.”

            The bright moonlight lit the pavilion. Matt saw that the older boys were also watching the tall beast.

            Zach started to breathe deeply. “I’m going to crap myself.”

            Matt grabbed Zach tightly. “Slow down your breathing or you’re going to pass out.”

            A pulsating, red globe appeared from behind the tall bank of trees near the pavilion. It swooped over the boys, and a white beacon of light seemed to disintegrate the large creature. The globe traveled rapidly over the pond, soaring toward Latrobe.

            Matt stared at where the intruder had been standing. “What the heck just happened?”

            “Beats me,” Zach said, standing there with his right leg shaking wildly.

            “Now, that was bigfoot!”

            Zach agreed.

            The globe returned from the west. It swooped down and flew right for the boys. They took off running toward the pavilion. The globe flashed a white beacon, and two of the Bigfoot creatures appeared on the ball field. The creatures galloped across the field, chasing Matt and Zach.

Matt Monroe and The Secret Society

cvrTitle: Matt Monroe and The Secret Society

Author:  Edward Torba

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy / Mystery

Matt Monroe and The Secret Society is the first book in a series about a fourteen-year-old boy and his friends. In this first installment, Matt puts aside his fears as he travels to a same-time dimension to fulfill a prophecy. The saga begins when Matt finds a set of mysterious wooden tablets and an onyx ring. Soon he and his older brother, along with five friends, find themselves transported to the world of Paragon, where they face numerous obstacles. This is an account of deception and betrayal, mixed with courage and the bonds of friendship. Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure with an extraordinary ending. The second book in the series, Matt Monroe and The Haunted House, continues the story of these courage young teens.

Author Bio

  01 Edward Torba graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and received a B.S. degree in biology in 1973 and a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 1977. He has been a general dentist for more than thirty-six years, practicing in Latrobe [Derry Township], Pennsylvania. His lifelong hobby has been writing. Publications to his credit: The Magic Trip and Boys Club Guide to Youth Football.

            Dr. Torba enjoys travel and reading when he has the time. He also has a great passion for gardening. His favorite author is Charles Dickens; one of his life goals is to pen a best selling novel that would be worthy of Dickens.


Author Website: http://edwardtorba.com

Publisher Website: http://allpointspress.com/

Amazon (Hardcover) : http://www.amazon.com/Matt-Monroe-The-Secret-Society/dp/0985082704/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1381579440&sr=8-1&keywords=matt+monroe+and+the+secret+society

Amazon (Kindle): http://www.amazon.com/Matt-Monroe-Secret-Society-ebook/dp/B00FP13Q1Y/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1381579440&sr=8-2-fkmr0&keywords=matt+monroe+and+the+secret+society

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/matt-monroe-and-the-secret-society-edward-torba/1113788044?ean=9780985082703