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Book Tours: Book Excerpt Nation of Enemies


Book Excerpt

A waiter swings by and hands Senator Richard Hensley another scotch on the rocks. It helps to override the anger that has settled in Richard’s gut, loosens him up enough to mingle at this fund-raising gala. Between tuxedos and gowns, he watches fellow senator James Gardiner, the newly nominated Liberty Party presidential candidate. Richard runs a hand through his thick white hair. Gardiner is ten years his junior and has barely dipped his toes in politics, yet somehow he may lead the country in a matter of months. It’s tough for Richard to stomach.

Second place is unacceptable, and yet here he is. A month has passed since he lost the nomination to Gardiner by a handful of votes. After years of public service—years of ushering through the MedID to protect these evidently ungrateful citizens. The wealthy hide out in Safe Districts, and the middle class has fled to the countryside, while the low-income population remains in what’s left of city housing. Agriculture is the only sector that’s seen a boon in a decade. Fortunately, the largest corporations have survived by increasing security to keep their buildings and employees safe. But for the most part Richard’s hometown of Boston has been reduced to piles of bricks. And though the New York City buildings still pierce the sky, firefighters can’t keep up with the blazes that are set daily. Chicago is burning as well, and from the air, Los Angeles sparkles, the sun glinting off the shards of glass from incessant looting.

After the Planes Fell, every religious fanatic and mentally ill citizen was emboldened. They come from all sides, with different agendas—though one of the shared themes is restoring their lost civil liberties. If it was just one effort, it would have been more predictable, easier to fight. But the attacks don’t stop and law enforcement can’t keep up. The lack of courage in the citizenry is disappointing. If it wasn’t for Richard’s MedID program, all hope and control would be lost. He’d been foolish to expect gratitude in the form of the nomination. He drains his glass, enjoys the burn that travels down his throat.

For two weeks following the results, he shut himself away from the world and considered his options. But the private sector doesn’t appeal to him and he’s far too young to retire. Politics course through his veins, a calling passed down from a father and a grandfather who were senators until their dying days. To walk away is unthinkable. So when he received the call, he had no choice but to accept.

His rival appears to have similar style and grace, floating seamlessly through the sea of party supporters. They lock eyes. Richard smiles and holds up a hand in greeting. After all, they must appear cordial now that he’s Gardiner’s running mate.

About the Book

Nation of EnemiesTitle: Nation of Enemies

Author: H.A. Raynes

Genre: Thriller

It’s all about the genetics. DNA. Black & white.

A decade ago the U.S. government mandated that all citizens be issued biochips containing all of their medical information and an ID number indicating a person’s health. Then they made the information public—the implications of which are wide-spread and devastating.

Now on the eve of the 2032 presidential election, the country is deeply divided and on the brink of civil war. But as the two major political parties face off, innocent Americans are dying at the hands of masked terrorists. When the Liberty Party’s presidential nominee is assassinated in a highly-coordinated, masterful attack, it sets off a chain of events that will change the course of history and leave America’s inalienable rights—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—dangling on the precipice of extinction.

Author Bio

H.A. Raynes was inspired to write NATION OF ENEMIES by a family member who was a Titanic survivor and another who escaped Poland in World War II. Combining lessons from the past with a healthy fear of the modern landscape, this novel was born. A longtime member of Boston’s writing community, H.A. Raynes has a history of trying anything once (acting, diving out of a plane, white water rafting, and parenting). Writing and raising children seem to have stuck.


Website: ha-raynes.squarespace.com/home/

Goodreads: goodreads.com/HARaynes

Twitter: @HARaynes  & @hollyiswriting

Facebook: facebook.com/HARaynes


Book Tours: Book Excerpt The Connolly Affair


Book Excerpt

I arrive back at the office to a lot of excitement. There is a strange buzz circling around—an energy that is infecting the halls of the normally docile office to the point of drawing me over into the conference room. The first look I get is from Lincoln and it is full of concern. It’s a strange glare, considering the positive energy circling all around.

            Bob, Charles, and James are all hovering over someone—something. As they applaud and step back, I see with my own eyes their new toy. Taylor Diamond. Taylor is an incredibly aggressive young attorney with a long list of clients and an even longer list of success. He looks like he just fell out of a Yale fraternity magazine; the ideal stunner of a man. His face maintains the perfect jaw structure, his blue eyes and perfect wavy, black hair only further compliment his broad shoulders and, near perfect, six-foot physique. Oh, my God. He’s incredible. For a moment, I forget that I am a partner in my law firm and not a school girl, staring at the shockingly handsome, cool senior at Liberty High.

            Taylor slowly stands up, his body and height safely rising above and encompassing my own shadow. He even smiles like an all-star. It’s all too much and I fall victim again, disappearing into his blue eyes. I quickly recover as his hand was left extended for a good three seconds before my brown eyes could even recognize his hand existed.

            “Oh, sorry,” I reply, shaking it. I awkwardly clasp my other hand on top of his as if I were an eighty-year-old man, consoling a youngster. What the hell is wrong with you, Nicki? Pull it together!

            “Nice to meet you. I’m Taylor Diamond.” He smiles and seems kind. He isn’t cocky. “I’ve actually heard a lot about you, Nicki. You’re an amazing attorney. I’m very excited to be here,” Taylor’s words roll of his tongue with ease and are like a secret potion, drawing me further and further into everything that is him.

About the Book

The Connolly Affair front coverTitle: The Connolly Affair

Author: Brett Scott Ermilio

Genre: Romance / Suspense

Award-winning writer, Brett Scott Ermilio, delivers his highly anticipated romance/suspense series, The Connolly Affair.

Nicki Connolly’s life has flat lined. Nicki’s dull marriage to her husband, Aiden, flounders further and further into a hopeless abyss. Despite the setbacks, Nicki attempts to balance being a working mother, a successful attorney and relishes the distractions of a budding romance with a man named Taylor Diamond. Nicki has been assigned lead attorney in a massive class-action lawsuit that will make or break her career at the firm of Rapture and Myers. That is when the handsome Taylor Diamond appears in her life.

Taylor Diamond has been named second chair for the big case. Taylor has it all: looks, brains, a strong family name and many connections. But dark forces loom and converge upon Nicki and Taylor. As obstacles grow, the two form a fiery bond just as the case and her life reach an epic breaking point.

The Connolly Affair delivers a suspense-filled thrill ride that will have readers on the edge of their seats.

Author Bio

20150309_193727(0)Award winning writer Brett Scott Ermilio currently resides on the Jersey Shore with his nine colorful roommates: his loving wife, four beautifully chaotic children, three small yapping dogs and one moody fish.

The nephew of Neil Scott Bogart (The Disco King and founder of Casablanca Records), Brett has been writing stories since he was sixteen. His first completed screenplay was written at age seventeen. He won a screenwriting award for his move script, “Jacob.”

Over the years, Brett has written, directed and produced a feature film and worked on numerous screenplays. He had his first book published through Lyons Press, Going Platinum: KISS, Donna Summer and How Neil Bogart Built Casablanca Records, a biography highlighting the meteoric rise of Neil Bogart from birth to death.

Over the next year, Brett is releasing his highly anticipated romance/suspense trilogy, The Connolly Affair. He plans to continue writing enthralling stories and looks forward to sharing his thrilling adventures with the world.


WEBSITE: http://www.brettscottermilio.webs.com

EMAIL: brettermilio@gmail.com


Twitter: @BrettErmilio

Link to Book: Amazon

Book Tours: Book Excerpt from After Her


Book Excerpt

The moment Sasha sits at the table, I know what to expect.

She eats in silence, stabbing a green bean with her fork. Her predatory focus shifts to me. Every muscle in my body tightens like strings of a wound violin. This damn conversation is going to happen whether I like or not.

“There is reason why you’re still single,” she finally speaks, releasing the pressure bubbling in the air. I don’t acknowledge her. She knows exactly why. Looking her in the eye after an announcement like that might ignite fire. We’re combustible like that. She the oil.

I the flame. And I don’t use this metaphor lightly. At times, Sasha is a first-class bitch with some serious boundary issues, completely inept at noticing basic social cues so she never knows when to shut up. Nevertheless, I love her like a sister. No one brings out the worst of me better than Sasha Hawthorne—queen of awkward conversations.

If we were alone, I’d make a scene. The walls of this fine establishment would fall apart, bracing for the impact of my incendiary fury. Sasha also knows this. At least she should by now. Best friends are supposed to be in tune, like two planets rotating on the same axis. She once that joked we were twins separated at birth—four arms, twenty toes on the same body with a single faulty brain to share.

She’s not ignorant about my inner workings. She knows me better than most. She is a mental engineer, able to uncork my skull for easy access to my brain. If this were the literal sense, she’d see an image of me asphyxiating her for casually bringing up the matter of my love life in the middle of a crowded fucking restaurant!

“I’m sure you’re going to tell me what that reason is,” I mutter before slipping a crouton into my mouth as Sasha swigs her green tea.

I watch her fiddle, fumble through the peas on her plate, gathering them all into a neat pile atop her half-eaten steak. One of her many obsessive-compulsive tendencies. She’s so easy to read, like so many others. I can usually take one look at any random person and guess what their neurosis is.

I am thoroughly convinced that everyone has at least one, including me. Two years of college as psychology major has granted me with a radar to detect this kind of stuff. Some say that it’s me being a stereotypical Virgo—meticulously analytical. I like to treat it as a morbid inside joke that only I know the punch line to. Sasha has no idea why I giggle as she continues treating her food like Lego blocks.

“Your standards are way too high,” she adds. “It’s like you expect a Prince William and you are setting yourself up for disappointment. I mean—you know I love you Cassandra, but let’s face it, you’re no Kate Middleton.”

My cheeks flame with heat. If she were anyone else, I would leave her sitting stupid in the restaurant with the bill. Even though Sasha has a way of pushing me harder than anyone else, I can’t deny that she may have a point.

I’m the kind of pathetic soul you’d see alone on a Saturday night, saving a seat for no one at the movie theater and waiting for no one at the bar while nursing a non-alcoholic hot toddy. The reason being, I think, is that I’m an only child.

Vygotsky would say that I’m the perfect personification of everything that can go wrong in an only kid—minor anti-social tendencies and a sense of undeserving self-entitlement with a smartass mouth. This, I’m sure, alienates most people in general, especially men.

I sigh, choosing to concede. “Thanks a lot, Sas, but I am well aware that I’m not Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton isn’t some broke ass college student working for tips at a job she hates. Speaking of which, I didn’t plan to spend my lunch break being lectured by you. If I want to be criticized, I’ll call my mother.”

As I reach for the receipt lying on the tabletop between us, Sasha grabs my hand and shakes her head.

“It’s my turn to pay,” she says while whipping out her credit card. “And FYI, I wasn’t lecturing you.”

“Well, you weren’t complimenting me either.”

Sasha sighs then smiles that sad, placating smile that makes me feel shitty for snapping at her.

“I’m only looking out for you, Cassie,” she says. “I don’t want you to end up alone. It’s sophomore year and you haven’t had a real date since high school. Your mom isn’t here to nag you, so it’s my job by default.”

I smile back then chide myself for giving in because sometimes I’m a pathetic pushover and I hate myself for it. This, I think, is my neurosis. I, like a self-professed alcoholic at an AA meeting, am not ashamed to admit it.

“I don’t need a date,” I say then I glance at my cell phone to check the time and notice two missed calls. Not now, I think, before cramming the thing back into my pants pocket. Jesus Christ, not now…

“I need to get back to work before Frank notices that I tweaked my time card to steal an extra twenty minutes for lunch with you,” I say while gathering my dirtied dishes. “Some of us still have to work for a living, remember?”

“Ooh, what about Frank?” she remarks with an impish smile. “He’s an eligible bachelor. Kind of cute in that rugged, Chuck Norris kind of a way.”

I resist the urge to gag at the thought. “Frank? As my boss Frank?”

“Oh, don’t look so turned off,” she says. “I don’t see the problem.”

“He’s like thirty years older and smells like an ashtray,” I say. “The man chews tobacco, has been divorced twice and sneaks off to the bathroom at different intervals of the day to skim vintage Playboy magazines. Is that your version of an ideal man?”

Sasha remains unfazed with a look on her face that tells me she’s probably not fucking around. I roll my eyes and gather my plates to head for the trashcan. She goes into pursuit after me, cutting me off midstride. Before I push the trashcan door open, she swipes my plate from my hand and dumps it for me.

“Cass, I was only kidding,” she says. “Of course I want better for you than that.”

“Really? Because I’m starting to think you’re trying to sabotage me,” I say.

We turn back toward the table and across the crowded restaurant with her arm looped around mine. I refuse to humor her or this conversation any longer, but Sasha talks relentlessly, unaware that I’m no longer listening.

She grabs her backpack as I clear our table. Frank would kill me if he knew I’d sat down for lunch in the dining area with the customers. It’s best I get rid of all the evidence of our meal before he returns from his “smoke break.”

“You just wait,” Sasha continues. “I’m going to find someone for you test the limits of your untapped femininity with.”

I throw my hand over her mouth.

“Sasha,” I say. “If you love me as much as you say you do, you’ll leave and let me finish my work shift in peace.”

Sasha sighs, accepting defeat. I glare and finally she leaves. While cleaning the table of our lunch mess, I retrieve the receipt and discover a message written on the back. A message to Frank suggesting that he call me on my private cell.

“Fuck you, Sasha,” I mutter before crumbling the receipt in my fist. Boundaries aren’t the only things she has a problem respecting.

The rest of the afternoon is its usual routine. I bus the dirtied tables since our regular kitchen helpers called in sick. I also record and deliver the orders along with the only two servers on duty since Frank runs such a tight ship.

Skinflint Frank only ever allows three waitresses to work at a time, which means more work and longer hours for me. I can’t complain. I need the money. There’s no option for me to turn down overtime pay. No magic button to press to make all the bill collectors go away.

Three-fifty an hour plus tips is barely enough to cover tuition and rent, not to mention the bills of food, utilities and the occasional miscellaneous Saturday night barhop Sasha forces on me twice a month. Money, at this point, isn’t in superfluity, but I can’t imagine setting aside my pride long enough to call my mother and beg for money not after the big deal I’d made about moving out of her house.

All I ever see anytime I pick up the phone to call her, while resisting the urge to mention money, is that smug I-told-you-so look on her face scolding me for being so impulsive. I put her out of my mind with a reassured smile. I’d rather bus tables until my knuckles bleed than to crawl back home.

About The Book

After HerTitle: After Her

Author: Amber Kay

Genre: New Adult Suspense

Cassandra Tate wasn’t prepared for Vivian Lynch.

When Vivian offers to make Cassandra the sole beneficiary of her will, Cassandra’s only concern is what she’ll have to do (for this peculiar stranger) in return.

Nineteen-year-old Cassandra knows nothing about the seedy underbelly of the Orange Country high life. Born and bred within the most wholesome little city of Montana, Cassie escaped this stale monotony to California with nothing, but a few bucks in her pocket. This, she thought, was supposed to christen the start of a new life away from the emotional prison created by her helicopter mess of a mother.

As a college sophomore slaving for meager tips waitressing, Cassandra isn’t in the position to turn down easy money. At the rate she going, she’ll be up to her ass in debt until she’s sixty. Her skinflint boss isn’t willing to budge on a pay raise and there is no magic button to make bill collectors go away. When the contentious relationship with her estranged mother leaves her broke, she is forced to decide how desperate she truly is.

Vivian is planning her own funeral. Her days as “society’s queen” are numbered, leaving her to prepare for the inevitable the only way she knows how—closing bank accounts, arranging life insurance policies and assigning beneficiaries. She doesn’t have time to fall apart over “a silly little thing like cancer.” But this eccentric, aging socialite does not intend to die, not without tying up some loose ends first.

Cassandra’s life is at an impasse. Vivian’s life is coming to an end.

Vivian’s “generous” offer (of financial stability) to Cassandra comes with some strings attached. If Cassandra will agree to replace Vivian after the funeral, Cassandra will become an instant heiress worth billions. It’s an indecent proposal many college students would take without hesitation, but it’s not enough to simply step into the shoes of this enigmatic socialite. Cassandra must also marry Vivian’s husband.

It sounds simple enough…until Cassandra discovers that Vivian’s husband is a convicted murderer.

Author Bio

Amber has been writing for as long as she can remember. Yes, she knows how awful her fifth grade plays were, but she didn’t care as long as she had to the power to explore her imagination in the darkest ways possible. She grew up in the south where she ate a lot of BBQ and spent too much time reading.

Some would argue that she was an odd child (and an even odder adult) With her morbid sense of humor, Amber has aimed to be as true to her writing as she can by exploring the darker sides of humankind. She loves psychological thrillers and offbeat plots. Her characters might be unlikeable. Her plots might take disturbing twists and turns, but she tries (as always) to explore the most tragic parts of life with as much humor as possible.

Her favorite authors are Gillian Flynn, Liane Moriarty, Tana French and Laura Lippman. Her favorite movies are dark, suspenseful and (sometimes) romantic. Though she hates most romantic comedies, she absolutely loves (500) Days Of Summer, The Spectacular Now and The Fault In Our Stars.



Twitter: @rozkae

Book Tours: Book Excerpt from Godwin’s Law


Book Excerpt

Just then, Alex lifted a hand, touching the clear coiled earpiece lodged in his ear, straining to listen to the transmission on his stolen police radio. A sour frown twisted his expressive mouth as he turned back to Ted. “You were saying? We’ve got two transit cops moving up from the back of the train, looking for us.”

Ted breathed a disappointed sigh and glanced up, then down the car. “All right. Plan B. I’m going to commandeer the train. We’ll uncouple and ditch the passenger cars at the next station.”

He may not have agreed with Ted’s plan, but Alex was quick to slide off the sculpted plastic bench and onto his feet, following his partner towards the front of the car. Gwen remained seated, watching after them nervously. No one paid them any mind as they approached the conductor’s booth tucked in the front right corner of the car.

The darkness of the tunnel around them gave way to the streaks of lights from the next station, spilling into the windows all around them. Brakes engaged with a shriek of metal on metal and the train coasted to a halt. Another gentle chime sounded and the doors parted throughout the train.

That was when Ted reached out and jerked the door open. Alex was through the door in a flash, grabbing hold of the startled driver by his uniform shirt and dragging him out. A chorus of panicked screams rose up from the passengers, who definitely noticed the pair now.

Twisting past Alex and the conductor, Ted knifed his body into the narrow cubby and set to work. He dropped his bag on the floor at his feet, bending to strip his laptop from within, along with a tangle of cords and cables.

Meanwhile, Alex gave the conductor a shove and sent him sprawling back into the retreating crowd of passengers.

Ted worked fast, balancing his open laptop on the control console and stabbing plugs into various ports and outlets on it. Almost as an afterthought, he tugged the public address microphone from its holster, passing it out the door to Alex while his free hand continued to work. “Use your charms, get everyone off the train.”

Alex didn’t hesitate, stretching the black coiled cord outside and turning to address the crowd. The speakers popped as he keyed the mic and rattled off a calm string of German. A fresh chorus of terror rose from the throngs as they scrambled over each other to pile off the train. “Allahu akbar,” he concluded calmly.

About Godwin’s Law

godwin_coverTitle: Godwin’s Law

Author: Bernard Maestas

Genre: Thriller

Gwen Kane, estranged daughter of a Forbes millionaire and the bearer of a horrifying secret is lured into a dangerous international cult. It falls to Alex Kirwan and Ted Reagan to rescue her. What should be easy money for the mercenary team of a freerunning ex-commando and his computer hacking partner proves to be anything but as they find themselves doggedly pursued across Europe, Canada and the United States by highly trained forces with resources vastly disproportionate to the recapture of one missing acolyte.

Will Alex and Ted unravel the mystery of Gwen’s importance in time to survive?
Will Gwen pierce the seemingly impenetrable armor around Alex’s heart?

Will Alex and Ted get paid?”

Author Bio

Bernard Maestas lives in paradise. A police officer patrolling the mean streets of Hawaii, he has a background in contract security and military and civilian law enforcement. When not saving the world, one speeding ticket at a time, and not distracted by video games or the internet, he is usually hard at work on his next book.





Book Excerpt from Saving Jamie


Saving Jamie 3-DTitle: Saving Jamie

Author: Carol Braswell

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Her secret can get her killed!

The only thing standing between Jamie and the Cartel is FBI agent Rex Garret, but he can’t protect her when she disobeys orders. When a dead body turns up and evidence places Jamie at the scene she becomes the number one suspect. Will he have to arrest the woman he’s come to care about or will he find her dead?

Can he save her this time?

Jamie Kenner barely escapes abduction alive, but at what cost? A traumatic head injury leaves what little memory she has left almost useless. An unlikely friendship with a reclusive, but kind rancher eases her pain and frustration. Yet something isn’t right. Fear haunted her. A secret is locked inside her head, dancing just out of reach…a secret someone is willing to kill for.

Author Bio

IMG_3588Carol Braswell has been writing since 1994. She took it seriously three years ago when a newspaper story caught her eye and Finding Amy was born. But Amy had an identical twin and her story had to be told as well. Saving Jamie dictated her story, Carol listened and Jamie’s adventure came to life.

“Several beta readers told me they didn’t like Jamie in the first book. That’s exactly how I wanted her to come across. But I had to redeem her in Saving Jamie. My editor said I had.”

Mrs. Braswell says she writes what she loves to read. That is a lot of suspense and a little romance thrown in to keep the emotions flowing. Her page turners keep you on the edge wondering just what will happen next. And you never have to wait long for a hunt and capture or a steamy roll in the sheets. Her books are loaded with both.

At present Mrs. Braswell is working on three books and plans to release two more after re-writes. “It is a daunting task, to say the least, but will be well worth the effort.”

She lives in east Texas with her hero husband who can fix anything and three very spoiled Maltese. She says her home was built for comfort and tranquility. Hubby built her a pergola where she escapes to writes.



Book Excerpt

Taking several deep breaths, she shut her eyes and wiped her wet hands on her dripping wet designer jeans. Bending over, she scratched the wet ground for the special black rock she buried a couple of years ago. “Damn.” She dug her fingers into the mud until the rock appeared and another nail cracked. It wasn’t anything that couldn’t be fixed but it ticked her off. She shouldn’t have to do this but she didn’t trust anyone else.

Her fingers gripped the key and she stood to unlock the gate. Her finger’s shook as she tried to fit the key in the small hole. She sensed someone behind her just before a hairy arm snaked around her neck. A gruff voice whispered in her ear,    “If you scream, I’ll slit your throat.”

The sharp knife pierced the skin on her neck again and another man stepped in front of her and grinned, flashing two gold teeth. He placed duct tape over her mouth, snuffing out the scream that rose in her throat. Her arms were forced back, fastened with zip ties, and the keys to the house and gate were ripped from her hand. Jamie’s heart drummed heavily in her ears. She wanted to run but her legs had turned to rubber. She heard the gate click closed and the two men drug her around the pool to the back door of her old home.

“Oh, crap,” she thought. What the hell was going on? Who were they?

Promo Post Francesca of Lost Nation


Francesca.Lost.Nation.Cover.FNLTitle: Francesca of Lost Nation

Author: Lucinda Sue Crosby

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Winner of Four Literary Prizes / Author selected as one of “50 Authors You Should be Reading” by The Authors Show online media outlet

This family saga is “funny at times and filled with little pearls of everyday wisdom, it is as much a romantic thriller as it is a perfect little capsule of a time gone by. It is a book about love of all kinds – between grandmother and child, between child and dog, between man and woman.”

If you like Old Fashioned Romance Reads similar to Norah Roberts or Kristin Hanna for kindle, you will want to add this one to your collection:

Here’s a little about the story:

When a mysterious man named Matthew appears in the small Iowa town of Lost Nation, his sudden arrival raises questions about his past. Quiet with an apparent taste for rum, Matthew makes it clear he doesn’t want to make friends. He isn’t too pleased to be dropped off at Home Farm where the independent and eccentric Francesca doesn’t accept bad manners or booze binges.

Matthew doesn’t want to form personal ties and intends to move on as soon as his damaged leg from a recent plane crash heals. But a series of events draw him into reluctant relationships: One with the feisty Francesca, the second with her 10-year-old granddaughter Sarah.

In spite of her own reservations, Francesca finds herself falling for this brooding pilot but his past looms between the pair and what neither knows is that Sarah, Francesca’s 10-year-old granddaughter, has encountered a stranger of her own … leading to a climatic confrontation that will put her and her grandmother’s life in danger.

Those that enjoy family sagas or family drama will also embrace this story

There are plenty of eccentric characters, including Francesca who is quirky and full of secrets – she keeps the town gossips busy. There are some dramatic family dynamics that cause tension and uneasiness at times. Because the story is told through the wide-eyed 10-year-old Sarah, this romance mystery is humorous at times.

Readers love this kindle romance fiction, because it has a touch of everything: friendship, humor, romance, adventure and mystery.

Author Bio

Magazine photoLucinda Sue Crosby is an International Kindle Bestselling author and award-winning journalist and environmentalist as well as a published and recorded Nashville songwriter. She’s also a former film and television actor, professional athlete and sports commentator. Lucinda Sue has always had a love affair with the written word.


Amazon (Paperback): http://www.amazon.com/Francesca-Lost-Nation-Lucinda-Crosby/dp/1460919815/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1398883403&sr=8-1

Amazon (Kindle): http://www.amazon.com/Francesca-Lost-Nation-Lucinda-Crosby-ebook/dp/B003MGKA5Y/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=8-1&qid=1398883403

Book Excerpt from “Burn”


The Book Gazette is hosting an excerpt today from a horror/thriller novel called “Burn“. Have fun reading!

Book Excerpt

Winston stood over his son’s bed and watched as Simon thrashed and grunted in his dream world.  The nightmares were getting worse and more frequent.  For Winston, there was a certain reassurance with these episodes, as if they proved that somewhere within him, Simon was facing the consequences of his actions.  But this deduction also presented a gruesome possibility.  For what severe behavior was Simon having to endure such a torturous punishment?

About Burn

Burn Front CoverTitle: Burn

Author: Danae Samson

Genre: Thriller, Horror

From the pen of Danae Samson, author of the terrifying debut, LAMENT HILL, comes her follow-up novel, BURN: The Casual Slaughters of Simon Green.

Violence comes to the small Californian college community of Riverhearst as a group of students and teachers are forced to confront a sociopathic killer targeting students.  But what is more frightening is that this killer appears to be one of their own…

Prepare to experience the neuroses and the casual slaughters of Simon Green.

Prepare to experience the horror of a town BURN!

Author Bio

DANAE SAMSON - AUTHOR OF BURN & LAMENT HILLBorn in Southern California and educated in Portland, Oregon, Danae Samson’s debut novel, Lament Hill, is a testament to her life on the west coast. Samson received her Bachelors and Masters degree from Portland State University and went on to teach English at four colleges in California and Washington. In 2011, Samson decided to pursue her writing full time and signed with Media Aria CDM in the spring of that year. In addition to the release of Lament Hill, Media Aria CDM will publish Samson’s second novel, Burn: The Casual Slaughters of Simon Green in 2013. Samson has recently finished her third novel, also a work of fiction, and has begun the construction of a fourth manuscript. Samson currently lives in Carlsbad, California.


MediaAria CDM’s website

MediaAria CDM’s profile on Goodreads

Danae Samson’s profile on MediaAria CDM

Danae Samson’s profile on Goodreads

Buy your copy:

Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK)  | The Book Depository | B&NFlipkart  | Fishpond